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intranet project

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intranet project

The whole process requires planning, from setting permissions for access, what browsers can be used to what hardware is required. Most organisations require a Windows based system to conform to the file systems used, however, open source alternatives are available and offer a greatly reduced total cost of ownership.

Companies introducing an Intranet can face a number of issues, primarily gaining the confidence and commitment from the staff, remember that this can interupt their normal working patterns and as an intranet's primary function is dissemination of information it can be seen as undermining supervisors and senior staff who consider knowledge a means of power over those below them.

Intranets are a great way of ensuring that all staff have access to essential information at the click of a mouse, whether it's the comprehensive telephone directory of departments, sales leads or suppliers through to staff handbooks and departmental regulations.

You can also use an intranet as the front end of a file repository that allows different departments the ability to exchange documents and files like powerpoints without clogging up the email system (almost everyone in a large business has had a colleague sending a multi-megabyte powerpoint file via email).

One often quoted remark is "we can do this ourselves can't we?", whilst in some companies who have large IT departments this may be the case other businesses don't and the organisation of a project like this can be overwelming, particularly if left to one person. Just30 can project manage the implimentation of your company intranet from initial planning through to delivery and ongoing support.

If your business is ready for an intranet and would like to know what advantages Just30 can bring to ensure your intranet is a success, contact us to discuss your options.

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